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Commercial kitchen equipment

We have built our business around providing exceptional repair and maintenance for commercial HVAC, refrigeration, cooking, ware-washing and ice machine. We specialize in repair and maintenance for in QSR's, restaurants, commercial kitchens, universities, colleges, schools, and government institutions.

Great Lakes Service Helps Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

100% Self Performed


  • QSR'S

  • Restaurants and Bars

  • Travel – Hotels, and Resorts

  • Golf and Country Clubs

  • Schools, Universities and Colleges

  • Military

  • Retail

  • Supermarkets and Convenience stores

  • Healthcare and Senior living

  • Hospitals Business and Industry

Services We Offer


Time & Material Service

Planned Preventative Maintenance Programs

We Service 100's of Different Manufacturers

Schedule a service

Together, we can develop the right Preventative Maintenance Program to suit your equipment needs.


  • Maximize Equipment Uptime

  • Extend Equipment Life

  • Optimize Energy  Efficiency

  • Improve Employee Safety
    & Morale

  • Insure Food Quality

  • Discover elements of the equipment that may need attention in the near future

24/7 service chicago

We are available 24/7/365 with a live answering service to provide you:


  • Quick Response

  • Highly trained technician 

  • The industries best truck stock  

  • The best solutions for your equipment

Equipment installation

As the authorized service agent for all major manufacturers, we are experts in the proper operation of your equipment.


  • Complete Site Inspection

  • Receive and Stage Equipment

  • Factory Trained & Certified Installers

  • Validate Factory Warranty


Commitment to being 100% self-performing is a pillar we stand by:


  • Save Time & Money

  • Ensure Optimal Quality

  • Ensure The Highest Safety Standards

Planned Preventative Maintenance Programs

Food Service



We Service 100's of Different Manufacturers

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