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Your Dedicated Service Partner 

Our goal? Eliminate down time and lost revenue by providing proactive solutions that help you run a more profitable business.
Let Great Lakes Service develop and implement a comprehensive plan just for you. We analyze your equipment and recommend corrections and cost saving measures. Then we set up a program to keep it all working together. All of this is designed to keep you up and running efficiently. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

Our Plans Are Designed To:

  • Minimize unexpected and costly service calls

  • Keep equipment well maintained & lasting longer

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Avoid down time

  • Increase productivity


Choose A Program That Works For You:

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Cooking Equipment
    Planned maintenance service, generally recommended for times per year for cooking equipment​ check operation and condition of all components check all controls for proper operation and adjust as necessary adjust all burners to operate at maximum efficiency lubricate valves as necessary calibrate thermostats check all operation mechanisms including springs, hinges, and make necessary adjustments​ inspect fat containers for leaks clean and adjust gas/air ratios and pilots as necessary make recommendations for necessary works
  • Refrigeration Equipment
    Planned maintenance service, generally recommended two times per year for refrigeration equipment lubrication of all moving parts clean coils with CO2 tank blow out condensate drains check and record voltages at the units blow out and brush air-cooled condensers inspect oil levels inspect for vibration and noise inspect heaters inspect fan assemblies check and adjust temperature & pressure check and adjust all belts check and adjust operation and safety controls check all electrical components check for refrigerant leaks inspect equipment drains and condensate pans for deterioration inspect door gaskets for deterioration make recommendations for any necessary work
  • Dishwashing Equipment
    Planned maintenance services, generally recommended four times per year for warewashing equipment check all mechanical parts necessary for the proper operation of equipment check all pre-wash, wash & rinse temperatures, rinse pressure and adjust accordingly check low water cutoffs for proper operation check conveyor stop mechanism check all controls & pilot lights on main electrical panel inspect all heating elements, electrical connections, contactors & switches calibrate thermostats when needed check sealed joints, seams, doors, external piping, riser manifolds, tank, vacuum breakers, gauges, for leaks inspect conveyor motor, belt, & check oil in drive gear box inspect & clean wash, rinse nozzles, final rinse actuator and check that solenoid is operating properly
  • HVAC
    Roof Top Units Rooftop Refrigeration Condensing Units Make-up Air Exhaust Fans
  • The Labor Agreement
    Covers labor and travel on most service calls.
  • Parts and Labor Agreement
    Covers all of your service calls and general needs on specified equipment.*
  • Labor/Parts Covered
    pulleys/relays motors ( axial & fan) expansion valves nozzles electrodes thermostats pressure regulators solenoid valves float valves pilots limit switches fans belts transformers pressure control igniters thermocouples pressure valves water valves gas orifice pilot valves
  • Labor/ Parts Not Covered
    external items (piping, cords, hoses, plugs, glass, lights) steamer boilers doors, frames, casters, hardware, gaskets control boards frytanks motors ceramic burners, IR burners, grates coil replacements evaporators condensers limit switches compressors freon heat exchangers missing parts employee misuse/abuse
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