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Great Lakes service is the Midwest leader in repair and maintenance for commercial cooking, refrigeration, HVAC, ware-washing, beverage and ice machine equipment. Integrity driven, we overserve our customers with qualified technicians, outstanding customer service, innovative technology, high first time fix rate and the best response times in the industry. At Great Lakes Service, we make it our mission to create higher industry standards that changes the perception of service companies in the markets we serve. As a dedicated service partner, our goal is to eliminate downtime and lost revenue with proactive solutions that help our customers run a more profitable business. Contact us today.

Great Lakes Employees
Our technicians are certified in the following areas: Refrigeration, Gas, Steam, Electric Green is good! We are the service provider for EPA-certified, "green" chemicals. Our cleaning chemical/soap provider uses Enzyme-based products that are much cheaper than traditional products, require you to carry far less inventory, and are certified by the EPA as "Design for the Environment". Save money and help the environment
Professionally Affiliated with the Restaurant Facility Management Association Our technicians are certified by the EPA for safe handling and reclamation of refrigerants
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